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Sleep Insights

Over 60% of the population primarily sleep on their side, but we found that the pillows available for side sleepers didn't adequately meet their unique needs. Pillows are fixed and mass produced, so each one is only a solution for some. The fact is, side sleepers have different needs than back sleepers, and those needs vary significantly from person to person. 

How are side sleepers and back sleepers different?

The gap between your head and the surface of the mattress is what we refer to as the Support Void. In order to keep your spine in proper alignment, your pillow should perfectly fill this space.

The Side-Sleeper Support Void

As a side sleeper, laying down on your side creates a larger support void than laying down on your back. Also, the dimensions of this gap change from person to person based off of their body size and shape. 

The Back-Sleeper Support Void

As a back sleeper, your body lays flat against the surface of your mattress. This creates a much smaller Support Void, and the size of this gap is typically similar from person to person.

The support void also changes depending on the firmness of your mattress.


Soft Mattress 

A soft mattress allows the shoulder to sink significantly into the surface. This scenario requires less height support for side sleepers.

Medium Mattress

A medium mattress allows the shoulder to press slightly into the surface. Therefore, a slightly smaller Support Void is created.

Firm Mattress

A firm mattress results in the largest Support Void. In this case, a side sleeper would need a taller pillow with more height support.




SleepSmart Technology

We aim to be the world’s most trusted source for developing products that improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your rest.

When we started this journey to build the perfect pillow for side sleepers, we gathered a lot of information from experts around the world, and lots of people just like you. We wanted to fully understand what people needed in order to get a good night's rest.  

We surveyed over 1,000 people about their sleep habits. Our extensive research revealed that over 60% of the population are side sleepers, while in contrast most pillows are designed for those who sleep on their back. We also discovered a general lack of understanding around the importance of sleep.

We investigated over 100 pillows. Our results proved that out of the pillows that are currently on the market, some are designed to provide support, while others are designed to provide comfort. Consumers are forced to sacrifice one for the other.

After years of market research, we spent 10 months actively developing our product, rapidly iterating through prototypes and incorporating feedback. We tested 8 rounds of prototypes - always with the side sleeper in mind - and landed on a design that offers the ideal head and neck posture for this demographic.

We arrived at the 1 SleepSmart Pillow. A fully-adjustable design that offers both support and comfort. Accompanied with the SleepSmart mobile app, you can make informed improvements to your sleep and start living better.