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The Pillow Made For Side Sleepers

Finally, a pillow made to fit your individualized needs and pain points. With innovative adjustable technology, you now have the ability to create a sleeping experience that’s catered to your own body. With SleepSmart’s CloudComfort system, the height of your pillow easily adjusts to give you the most restful and rejuvenating sleep experience possible. Paired with the SleepSmart app, you will be enable to monitor your sleep data, identify the habits that interrupt your sleep, and create a healthier, more energized life. Soon you’ll be sleeping better–and living better.

The CloudComfort System

Personalized Support

We custom developed the operational valve so that you can easily set your pillow height with a single hand, all while laying on your pillow.

Side sleepers come in all shapes and sizes, but most pillows give you limited support options. In order to properly support your head during sleep and keep your neck in a neutral position, your pillow must perfectly fill the void between the side of your head and the outside of your shoulder. The SleepSmart Pillow has been designed with an adjustable air chamber that can expand or contract to find your proper pillow height.

Re-Envisioned Comfort

Now, you can have a pillow that provides you with the support you need, and the comfort you love. 

With most pillows on the market today, you’re forced to choose between support or comfort. At SleepSmart, we believe you shouldn’t have to make this choice. We’ve taken a fresh look at how pillows are made and chosen a design that takes comfort to a new level. The comfort layer of the pillow is composed of a premium down alternative filler, because we believe that comfort is key to a positive and refreshing sleep experience.

"It has a lot of functions... I never would have dreamed that I'd say that a pillow has functions."

- Chester

Buying pillow after pillow trying to find the right height, the fact it is adjustable is so important.

- Susan

Normally pillows just come and go, but this...It feel's great!

- Mike

It's so comfy! We like our pillows so different - being adjustable is perfect!

- Ryan & Jenna

A technologically-advanced pillow. 

Yes, you heard right.

Now, even your pillow can take advantage of smart technology. Using these developments, paired with our app, you’ll have insights into your sleep that can help you experience a better and more restful night. The SleepSmart Pillow has built-in sensors that measure the pressure on the pillow and track data to see how much you’ve tossed and turned at night. There’s even a vibrating alarm built into the air chamber that only you can hear, gently waking you up while your partner remains undisturbed.

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Comfort Layer

• 3D structured knit design
• Hypoallergenic 100% polyester cover
• Down alternative fill
• Air mesh band
• Pillow width: 22”

Adjustable Support Layer

• Pillow height: +2" -2" 
• Ergonomic height-adjustment valve 
• Silent Vibration Alarm
• Pressure and motion sensor
• 3 AA Batteries (Approximate 6 mo. battery life)

• Outer cover machine washable, tumble dry on low.
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• BTLE Bluetooth Low Energy
• Wi-Fi Connection
• iPhone with iOS 8 or later, or Android 4 or later

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SleepSmart Pillow

SleepSmart Pillow

SleepSmart Pillow