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Dr. Jae Son

Dr. Jae Son is the CEO of an innovative technology company and holds a doctorate in Engineering Robotics from Harvard (see LinkedIn profile here). As an engineer and inventor, he’s familiar with successfully bringing ideas to life. SleepSmart is one of those ideas, and was birthed out of a personal search for a solution. For years Jae had neck pains caused by deterioration of the spinal discs C3 and C4. Consequently, he struggled to find a pillow that could meet his comfort and support needs. He tried the typical folding the pillow in half, sleeping with an arm under his pillow, or even stacking two - but nothing was ideal. Then he discovered that by placing an inflatable pillow under his regular one, he could adjust the support height while still remaining comfortable. This was the beginning ideation of a new kind of pillow - and thus the SleepSmart pillow was born.


Brandon Larson

Brandon Larson is a technologist with Red Bull studying how to improve elite athletes' and executives’ performance. He dedicated 6 months researching the science of sleep and evaluation of apps and trackers to understand what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. He has also been collecting personal sleep data for over 3 years in his quest to better understand the role of sleep in performance. What he discovered was that as a society, we have been focusing on minutia details of sleep enabled by technology. The most important factors of getting a good night’s rest are how long you sleep, how consistent your sleep routine is, and how you feel during the day. Combining this information with his approach to coaching was the inspiration for a more impactful way to track and interpret sleep data.


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