Does this position look familiar?

Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and sore?

Say hello to the SleepSmart system.

Imagine A Well-Rested You

Less Neck & Shoulder Pain

Do you ever wake up feeling stiff and sore? This morning pain in your neck and shoulders can be attributed to sleeping with improper alignment. Anatomically, side sleepers have different support needs than back sleepers. Our pillow easily adjusts, so side sleepers get proper support and wake up the next day pain-free and refreshed.

Greater Mental Clarity

We've all experienced those days when you wake up without enough rest, then you can’t concentrate or maintain a sharp focus. This is a common side effect of just one night of poor sleep, much less many nights accrued over time. Imagine what it would be like to wake up refreshed, well rested, and firing on all mental cylinders.

Better Physical Health

Sleep allows your body to recover. If you aren’t sleeping through the night, your body is missing out on the opportunity to restore and regain the energy it used during the day. Getting proper rest will help improve your physical health by giving you this lasting energy you need to thrive. And it can be as simple as switching your pillow.

Better sleep and health can be as simple as switching your pillow.

Master Sleep With The SleepSmart System

What if you could change your life by changing your pillow? This simple, but profound idea was the inspiration behind the SleepSmart pillow system. Our vision has always been to design products that would help the world rest better – and live better.

With this in mind, Dr. Jae Son, Brandon Larson, and our team of inventors approached the challenge head on. After months of researching sleep habits, developing prototypes, and testing pillows, we’ve arrived at a product that we’re truly proud of. The adjustable technology in the SleepSmart pillow and the interactive wisdom of the SleepSmart App are transforming the way people sleep.

Watch the SleepSmart Video

Learn more about how the SleepSmart Pillow works and what side sleepers just like you are saying about it.

Pillow Highlights

Every detail has been thought through to create the ideal side-sleeping experience.

SleepSmart Pillow
  • Customisable & Adjustable Pillow Height

    Easily fine-tune your support height up to 2" with a simple squeeze.

  • Plush Comfort Layer

    Maintain exceptional comfort with soft, breathable 3d mesh layers that are machine washable.

  • Sound & Motion Monitoring

    Intelligent monitoring and coaching provide awareness and control of your sleep habits.

  • Silent Vibration Alarm

    The inflation chamber uses vibration waves to create a silent alarm with smart wake time.

  • Meet 'Sophie', Your Sleep Coach

    Sophie, your virtual sleep coach, will analyze the information gathered by your SleepSmart app. Using this sleep data, as well as your lifestyle choices, Sophie will make personalized recommendations to coach you towards getting better rest. You’ll be able to make informed improvements to your sleep, and monitor the results along the way.

  • Monitor Sound & Movement

    The SleepSmart app features technology that monitors your sleep habits. Information such as tossing and turning, snoring and noise data, sleep duration, and sleep consistency will all be conveniently tracked right on your phone. You’ll know exactly how much sleep you’re getting, and what you need to do to improve your rest.

  • An Alarm You Can Feel

    Tired of waking up to your partner’s alarm? The SleepSmart pillow features a silent, vibrating alarm so you wake up without disturbing your neighbor. The alarm is customizable and easily operated right from within the SleepSmart app. Say hello to peaceful mornings.